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Winter activities


Ski and snowshoe trails, tubing and equipment rental (for skis and snowshoes only).

Kiosk opened on weekends only for sale of daily or seaonnal passes and equipment rental.


EQUIPMENET RENTAL – Open Saturday and Sunday only.

SLIDDING OPEN WITH ACCESS TO TUBES – Saturday and Sunday only, you must register at the kiosk before accessing the site. Access forbidden during the week.


For sanitary and rapidity reasons, we will take only payments by Interac or credit card.

Please note that you must register and/or buy an access pass prior to accessing our winter activities.

The administrative offices of the Centre are closed due to the pandemic, so there will be no possibility to buy the winter activity passes or ski badges during the week. All the ski lessons are also cancelled  for 2021.

  • The ski trails are really beautiful. We love cross-country skiing or snow shoeing with our family!

    A resident of NDIP
2020-2021 Season

Please note that unfortunately, due to the pandemic, ski lessons will not take place this winter.


Number of nightly stays provided this year to special needs children thanks to seasonnal activities.

An overnight stay at holiday camp or specialized retreat may cost up to $150 and stays range from 2 to 12 nights.

 WINTER ACTIVITIES – 2020-2021 pricing

Rental Kiosk 1/2 day (3 hrs)full dayweekendweekly
Complete ski kit$ 10,00$ 18,00N/A due to pandemic/A due to pandemic
(Skis + boots + poles)
Snow shoes$ 10,00$ 18,00/A due to pandemic/A due to pandemic
Skis, boots or poles$ 7,00$ 11,00/A due to pandemic/A due to pandemic

 Daily accessOne activity
ski / ice rink / slidding / snow shoes
Family$ 35,00$ 20,00
Individual$ 18,00$ 12,00
Senior$ 16,00$ 10,00

Crosscountry ski only
ski / ice rink / slidding / snow shoes
non-residentsresidents (1)
Family$ 92,00$ 25,00$ 20,00
Individual$ 52,00$ 20,00$ 15,00
Senior$ 47,00$ 18,00$ 13,00
Residents (1) :N-D-I-P & I-PPincourtVaudreuil-DorionTerrasse-Vaudreuil


Payment by debit or credit card only, no cash accepted.

Please plan a waiting time at the reception kiosk because of the sanitary measures in place.

RENTAL BOOTH: 2455 boulevard Perrot: Opened on weekends only, from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. only for access pass sale. (no rental because there is not enough snow on the ground)
Subject to change without notice depending on upcoming weather conditions.

There will be no ice rink this winter

TRAIL CONDITIONS (January 17th 2021)

New wet snow (20-25 cm) mechanical tracing completed late before noon Sunday in most trails. Water in places. Some trails or sections of trails (5 south, 6 west, 7 north, 8 and 12 ) trails in ski-walk. These will be mechanically traced over the next week. Careful! Trails are likely to be icy and fast skiing at the beginning of the week.

#1 Robert Meilleur: Mechanically traced on January 17. Good conditions over all. A few out crops of rocks at the entrance to the Blvd De L’Île and the presence of walkers there.
#2 Les Prés: Mechanically traced on January 17. Good conditions. Water in places in the southern sector. Use bypass loops as needed. Rocky outcrops and walkers in the passage to the entrance to Rue des Frênes
#3 L’Érablière: Mechanically traced on January 17. Good conditions.
#4 Les Frênes: Mechanically traced on January 17. Good conditions.
#5 La Gros Bois: Sector west . Mechanically traced on January 17. Acceptable condition. Secctor east. Ski-walked tracing.
#6 La Perdriolle: Ski-walked or mechanical tracing . Variable conditions. Water in places.
#7 Katimavik: Variable conditions. Trail 7a , 7b mechanically traced. Goog conditions . Sector east, link to la Perdiolle school is still likely to be fair.
#8 La Samare: Ski-walked. No readings.
#9 La colline: Open. Walking or snowshoeing.
#10 Du Marais: Open. Walking or snowshoeing.
#11 Du Golf: Mechanically tracked on January 17. Good conditions.
#12: Boisé Marceau: Ski walked .
#13 Quinn: Mechanically traced on January 17. Good conditions.
#14 Pointe-aux-Renards: Mechanically traced on January 17. Good conditions.
#15 Postdam: Open. Walking or snowshoeing.

Off-piste skiing: Fields and golf courses offer great off-piste skiing opportunities with good snow accumulations.


It is important to communicate to you the general recommendations and instructions that currently apply in several ski centres in Quebec and applicable at the Notre-Dame-de-Fatima Centre and on the trails network of Les Skieurs de L’Île.

The basic instructions applicable to all COVID alert levels:
• Distance of 2 meters in all places frequented by skiers, snowshoers, walkers and fat bike users.
• Wearing a mask in all places where it is required.
• Wearing a neck warmer or hood covering the nose and mouth, outdoors for all visitors aged 3 and over, in busy places (reception, access areas, parking lots, busy trails ).
• Frequent hand washing

With regard to the instructions and directives applicable to the Notre-Dame-de-Fatima Centre and Les Skieurs de L’Île trails network for the 2020-2021 season:

1. In reception facilities and equipment rental areas
• Although the reception of the Notre-Dame-de Fatima Centre is an important access point, our multiple accesses allow us to dispense traffic over the entire network. Make sure you get your right of access or wear the 2020-2021 badge given with your seasonal subscription..
• Reception at the Notre-Dame-de-Fatima Centre is limited to the rental centre (registration, equipment rental and emergency) and adjacent outdoor parking.
• Opening hours for the Reception Pavilion is from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm on weekends and holidays. Consult the Notre-Dame-de-Fatima Centre website, www.mon-camp.ca for periods and opening hours. .
• Trails are however accessible at all times. As it is not possible to register on weekdays this winter, it is recommended to register by mail in order to get the seasonal subscriptions offered at a very affordable price.
• Parking lots at the Centre Notre-Dame-de-Fatima and Golf Pincourt or in designated parking spaces on the street accessible as per commercial or municipal parking signs.
• No toilets available at the Notre-Dame-de-Fatima Centre.
• No personal belongings can and should be left inside any building.
• Indoor and outdoor gatherings are prohibited (except for family bubbles).
• One person per family is recommended, except for rental inside the reception
• No access to a waxing room. It is advisable to wax your skis outside.
• You must respect the signs and instructions posted on site and must respect the one-way direction signs for entry and access to the slopes as well as for the exit to the parking lots.
• Equipment rental will be permitted yet, subject to change according to public health guidelines. The equipment will be disinfected between each rental or quarantine.

2. On the trails
• Respect the one-way signs indicated for entry and access to the slopes.
• Where possible, trails will be two-way or marked one-way.
• When this is not possible, you must give way and ensure an acceptable distance for meeting point at all times. Make sure you wear your mask, neck warmer or balaclava.
• Note that the network is large and that it is not patrolled regularly. In an emergency, look for the red location signs and call 911.
What we recommend to bring when you visit us
Access to the rental building only (no shop, cafeteria or waxing) of the Notre-Dame-de-Fatima. There are no other reception buildings or shelters on the network. So don’t forget to bring what you need to be as independent as possible.
In addition, distancing rules must be observed if you make use of outdoor benches. Please note that these are not subject to disinfection. If these rules are not respected, they will be removed without notice.

Here are some suggestions:
• Personal protective equipment: minimum of two face covers (one for the exterior and one for the interior), hand sanitizer.
• Warm clothes to deal with all weather conditions and a change of clothes to always stay dry.
• Tissues.
• Water, snacks, a hot thermos, lunch, etc.
• Day Pass or badge visible at all times
During your visit
• If possible, ski waxing should be done that morning, at home, outdoors
• Dress from head to toe before you arrive.
• Respect at all times the signs and regulations in force at the centre and on the trails.

IMPORTANT: At the slightest symptom of COVID-19 (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) for you or a member of your immediate circle, you must stay at home.

At all times
• Consult our websites or our Facebook pages before traveling.
• Use of different accesses will help to disperse traffic on the network.
Thank you for respecting all these measures.

We wish you an excellent 2020-2021 ski season.

Centre Notre-Dame-de-Fatima. Facebook: Centre Notre-Dame-de-Fatima Website: www.mon-camp.ca
Les Skieurs de L’Île. Facebook: Les Skieurs de L’Ile Website: www.lesskieursdelile.blogspot.ca


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