Gala Reunion

Sunday, November 17th, 2019 took place our traditional GALA for the summer team (Programs and Shadowing).

Under the theme of awards evening, we wanted to highlight the excellent work of some employees who give a lot to the Center.

Winner of the “Mission” Award: Tournesol (Arc-en-Ciel Program)
Winner of the “Animation” Award: Calypso (Fatima Day Camp)
Swimming Pool Mention: Madrid
Specialist Mention: Épinette
Day Camp Chêne-Bleu Mention: Rookie
Arc-en-Ciel Program Mention: Pumba
Summer Sleepover Camp Mention: Popsicle
Fatima Day Camp Mention: Asterix

The awards were accompanied by a letter of reference for deserving employees. In addition, the winners earned a plaque in their name, as well as a $200 scholarship.

We congratulate our special mentions and winners, and we must also thank each of one our 90 summer employees who give their heart and soul for the love of our campers.



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